LIVE now: Watch our Lok Sabha election results coverage

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the noise and chaos of election results?
Not to worry!
Tune in to our election livestream for coverage that will truly help you make sense of all the numbers as they come out in real time.

The panellists will include Supriya, Shoaib, Smitha and Ayush from Scroll, along with Dhanya from The News Minute, Manisha from Newslaundry, Hartosh from The Caravan and Seema from The Wire.

They will be joined by reporters on ground and special guests.
Notwithstanding today's results, our work is only going to get more challenging in the future.

If you value the fearless journalism that we have produced this election season, please consider contributing to our election fund. 

Help the free press to stay free.
Team Scroll

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